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My real name is Daniel O'Connor, and I am working full time at Genesis Software where I write software and develop hardware.
I'm in the Flinders Uni Choral Society, which is fun.

I'm also a member of the weird organisation, LabF. I also own an Amiga 1200, which is a dead, but very cool personal computer. I brew my own beer which you can read about if that's your thing. I have setup a MythTV box to play movies, music and record TV.

Here are some pictures I have taken at various events.

This is a link to various projects I potter around with.

I have a page on ripping CD's to mp3s under FreeBSD (which uses some tcl/tk I wrote). I also wrote some Java applets. One of which is a game called Gess which I have converted to Java from Pascal.

This page isn't under construction, it's just crap.

If you want to employ me, my resume is available. Please don't take the quality of this web site as an example of my working abilities, just my artistic talents.

Daniel O'Connor

My ICQ number is 8949500

GPG Key Fingerprint - 5596 B766 97C0 0E94 4347 295E E593 DC20 7B3F CE8C

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